ESG. Moving forward, thinking long-term.

I always wondered what was the urge behind a new book, a new essay, a new documentary. 

Despite the fact that an endless number of others; writers, experts, and directors; have already explored that same subject, each one of us is a unique testimonial of our own time and sensitivity.  That’s precisely why things can be perceived in very different and, sometimes, truly unpredictable ways. 

This portal follows somehow a similar pathway. 

As a senior executive coach, on the cusp of the “only ten years to deliver” warning launched by the UN Agenda 2030, I felt the need to mirror what I have begun noticing working within the corporate world: things have started changing. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ratified by the state members of the United Nations in 2015 provide a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. These goals represent an urgent call to action for everyone. We all need to question ourselves on what to do differently. Organizations need to prepare to operate in this new business environment and ESG (Environment Social Governance) norms and standards, provide a sound ground to step ahead. 

Through this new portal and my work, I am committed to identifying and disseminating the opportunities, risk prevention and mitigation strategies this pathway may offer to forward-looking organizations. 

As each company is unique, so too will each ESG strategy action plan. It may differ a lot, in discrete ways. The end goal, however, is universal: to manage resources in a way that maximises values for all the stakeholders, planet included. 

Making use of ESG Executive coaching may certainly speed up the pace. 

When you start a new journey eyes wide open, you are likely to uncover even more value than you may expect while packing your bag. This is exactly what happened to me while setting up this website. Collaborating with RealLives ( made every step I took on this intangible land, unexpectedly inspiring and engaging.  

Be my guest, have look.

Anna Pasian
Senior executive coach