Anna Pasian, executive coach.
For over twenty years, she has worked as a consultant for internationalization and innovation projects.
Anna has vast experience in Corporate Coaching and is an independent advisor for ESG themes within the corporate context.

“Purpose and values are at the heart of everything I do. “

Anna Pasian

As an executive coach, l have seen many times how to be guided by a sound and clear organization’s purpose can be truly transformational. It fosters long-term development and provides the strength needed to achieve meaningful results. 

The ESG executive coaching supports the c-suite to extract the essentials, see the matrix, fortify the leadership skills needed to manage complexity, express the resilience imperative in the face of disruptive events, and build high-performance teams.

As a professional, my purpose is to support companies in taking the urgent call for action towards the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) designed by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda. 

The time-window presented by the climate change challenges is narrow and especially in the post pandemic scenario, the corporate world has lots to do.  I assist a wide array of organizations to see the ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) compliances as the opportunity to unlock their potential to conquer complexity, advance in the business, and expanding their capabilities in the area of global sustainable development.

Asking meaningful questions is the key to challenge the status quo. Being an ESG-committed business means to be able to answer these two grounding questions:

How are we when we are at our best?

What fundamental needs for our Clients and the world, are we working to address?

And once you have your answers, it’s time to step ahead. Let’s start our common journey from here.

ESG Practice

ESG Coachingstrategy supports companies through the strategic ESG founding stages, sensitizing the stakeholders involved and driving everybody’s attention to the key industry-specific topics related to your business.

Executive Coaching

Successful executive coaching is a defined process within a framework in which each player, coach and client (CEOs, Board members, Manager, Team) can identify and clarify goals based on their current competencies as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals. Executive coaching can also be an allay along the way, supporting appointed ESG committees to guide and motivate their teams transforming intentions into effective and reportable actions.


Based in Italy since 2009, Coachingstrategy is a hub of professional services providing independent business and executive coaching based on a multi-disciplinary approach in an international context.